Top 10 Amazing Pretend Play Kitchen Utensil Set for Kids

If your child has an active imagination and loves to pretend play, then this pretend play kitchen utensil set will be the perfect addition to his or her toy box. This set includes 10 different kitchen utensils which are designed to look like real ones.

Kids can play pretend for hours when they have a great pretend kitchen set. These pretend kitchen utensil set for kids will stimulate their mind and help them to develop coordination, hand eye co-ordination and creativity. The more your kids use their imagination the more they will learn and grow. Let’s face it. Most of us adults don’t use our imaginations enough. We need to get back to basics and use our imagination to make the world a better place. For kids it is a totally different ball game. They have so much more potential to use their imagination and create wonderful things than adults. So, why not ignite their inner child and encourage their creative side? These pretend play kitchen utensil set will definitely do that.

Top 10 Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Kids

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Best Choice
WISHKEY Plastic 32 Pcs Grey Kitchen Set

  • Realistic Cooking Pretend Play
  • Made of High Quality ABS Durable Plastic Material with No Sharp Edges
  • Ideal for 3 Years and Above
Premium Pack
ZEKWON ENTERPRISE 42 Pcs Kitchen Set Toys

  • Pretend Play Cooking Set with Water Tap, Light, & Sound
  • Made of High Quality Sturdy Durable Plastic Odor free
  • Ideal for 3 Years to 10 Years Kids
Editors Choice
Zest 4 Toyz Big Kitchen Set with Portable Trolley

  • Big Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Light & Sound
  • Made of Smooth Skin Friendly Plastic Material
  • Ideal for 3 Years and Above

1. Amitasha Plastic Tea Party Pretend Play Kitchen Utensils Toy Set with Cake

Plastic tea party toys are great for the little ones to practice their table manners, serve themselves, and have some fun in the process. This set from Amitasha is no exception, and comes with everything a budding chef needs to get started. The set also makes a nice gift for a new mommy or a new daddy. It’s easy to clean and can be used over and over again. This kitchen set is a wonderful way to get your child interested in cooking. It will not only help them to develop their dexterity and motor skills but also helps to foster an interest in food and nourishment. It is a great educational tool for children and a fun toy for the whole family. What a perfect addition to your kids’ play kitchen collection!

2. Zest 4 Toyz 3-in-1 Pretend Play Plastic Kitchen Set with Portable Suitcase

As far as toys go, this is the best. The Zest 4 Toyz 3-in-1 Pretend Play Plastic Kitchen Set with Portable Suitcase is a fantastic addition to your baby’s toy box, and a must-have for every parent. It comes with 19 pieces of pretend play kitchen utensils, which serves as a great educational toy for the little ones. Kitchen ware set includes pan, pot, knife, fork, spoon, vegetable, fruits and so on. It also has a portable suitcase that can be used as the storage space. Encourages fine motor skills, role-playing, and imaginative play. Made of environment-friendly plastic materials, no sharp edge and tested to be safe and durable. Recommended for kids age 3 years and up. This pretend play kitchen comes with a carry ‘n go playset that can be used anywhere. 

3. Sky Tech Pretend Play Kitchen Set Carry Case with Wheels

A kid’s imagination is truly his or her own oyster. Help your little one open up those imaginative floodgates by giving him or her a bunch of realistic kitchen stuff like this pretend play set. This set includes all the pieces needed to create an array of yummy dishes such as rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, cake, ice cream, hamburgers, and much, much more. Your child will have fun creating different dishes with this collection and he or she will learn how food is prepared in a fun and healthy way. Not only that, your child will also learn valuable life lessons like teamwork, sharing, and taking turns.

4. Zest 4 Toyz Big Kitchen Pretend Play with Sound, Light, and Portable Trolley

This Zest 4 Toyz big kitchen is an absolute must for pretend play. The lights and sounds are fun, the wheels make it easy to move around, and the fact that it comes with a battery operated light and sound effects makes it an exciting toy for your child. The set comes with five food items, three bowls, a whisk, a spatula, a knife, and a cutting board. All these things can be used for pretend play. The set also has a trolley, which makes it easy to transport the set from one room to another. It also comes with a recipe book to help you create some mouth watering meals. The trolley also has compartments where your child can put the ingredients needed for each dish. All the parts are easy to attach and remove from the trolley. This kitchen set will entertain children for hours.

5. Zekwon Enterprise Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Water Tap and Battery Operated Light and Sound

The kitchen set is a wonderful addition to your baby’s room. It enhances children’s social and fine motor skills. It helps develop their hand-eye coordination and provides them an opportunity to practice everyday cleaning chores. This pretend play kitchen set includes all the necessary elements required to let your child create meals and pretend to cook them. It also comes with realistic sounds which make it a fun learning experience for your kids. The kitchen set is designed for small hands and big minds.

6. WISHKEY Plastic Kid’s Realistic Pretend Play Educational Kitchen Set with 32 Pieces 

Pretend play has a profound effect on the development of young children. These toys stimulate their imagination and help them learn the names of objects and how they are used. Not only that, it helps develop fine motor skills and teaches them to become more organized.

What makes this toy collection special is the variety of products that it contains. The Wishkey collection offers everything from a battery operated induction cooker to a kettle, frying pan and burn oven. All of these items can be used to create pretend meals and can even be combined with other Wishkey collections to expand a child’s pretend play options.

Each product in this collection has been designed to look realistic, but are made of durable, washable plastic. This means that they are great for roughhousing with your kids, can withstand the elements and most of all… they are easy to clean!

7. Jai Srini 30 Pieces Aluminium Miniature Real Cooking Pretend Play Kitchen Set

Kids love to play with toys, especially if those toys are interactive. This is where they can interact with their world in a fun and creative way. This set of pretend cooking utensils is designed to get your child involved in real life cooking. The set includes 30 pieces of cooking utensils, a knife, a fork, a spoon, a whisk, a spatula, a ladle, a frying pan, a grill, a deep fryer, a microwave oven, and a stove. The utensils have been miniaturised so they are easy to hold and play with. All these are made out of high-quality aluminium which is safe and non-toxic. These are designed in such a way that, they look real enough to be used by a child. These utensils feel great in the hands of little ones. They are easy to clean and maintain. These kitchen sets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a must-have for every family that loves to spend time with their little one in the kitchen.

8.  Grizzly Giraffe Wooden Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Multiple Accessories

Grizzly Giraffe Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Multiple Accessories is an educational wooden set that can help improve children’s mental and physical development. It has a sturdy design with attractive color combinations. The set comes with a pretend stove, a pretend sink, multiple utensils, and a wooden spoon. It can be easily assembled and disassembled. The wooden giraffe is an interesting addition to the set and makes it a complete learning experience. It comes with multiple pieces to help you create different scenarios. The box includes an instruction book with easy-to-follow instructions and colour illustrations. This play kitchen set is a great way for your child to learn how to cook while having loads of fun. The wooden materials are safe for your kids to use and can be cleaned easily. It can be used for years to come. This is a perfect gift for kids who love to play and eat.

9. Catron Little Chef 2-in-1 Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Trolley Carrycase, Sound, Lights, and Accessories

The Catron Little Chef 2-in-1 Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Trolley Carrycase, Sound, Lights, and Accessories is an ideal addition to any young chef’s pretend play collection. Young chefs will enjoy assembling this kit, which includes all the pieces they need to create their very own culinary masterpiece. The included trolley case provides portability and the sturdy plastic pieces are easy to attach and detach. This pretend play set comes with an easy-to-use instruction booklet, and each of the included pieces is labeled with a corresponding letter, number or icon that makes it simple to teach your child the names of the various pieces that go into a complete meal. This pretend play kitchen set will help you bond with your child and provide hours of fun and imaginative play. It will also help them to learn important life skills like following directions, being organized, and how to work as a team. The non-toxic, high-quality material makes this product ideal. This kitchen set is great for cooking role-play and entertaining the little ones.

10. Toyroom Wooden Pretend Play Tea Set with Tray(15 Pieces)

A wooden tea set is a great way to introduce pretend play to your little one. It has 15 pieces including 2 cups, 2 saucers, 2 spoons, 2 sugar cubes, 2 biscuits, a kettle, a sugar bowl, 2 lids, and a tray. The set also comes with a tray to keep all the accessories neat and tidy. The tray has compartments to keep the cups and saucers separate, the sugar bowl and milk jug separate. It helps them learn to take turns, learn problem-solving, enact real-life challenges, develop social, intellectual and communication skills. The tray and all the pieces fit perfectly together. Each piece is made of natural hardwoods, making them extremely durable. The wooden tray and the pieces are treated with an eco-friendly water-based clear finish, making it easy to clean. This wooden kitchen set is a great addition to any home. Not only does it look great on the table, but it also provides hours of pretend play for your child. 

Buying Guide for the Best Pretend Play Kitchen Set:

Safety: One of the most important considerations while buying a pretend play kitchen set is safety. All the toys should be safe for your kids to use. Make sure the product you are going to buy has all the necessary safety certification. It should be made from non-toxic and lead-free materials. Look for the safety certification marks on the product.

Durability: Another important consideration is the durability of the product. A toy should last for several years before it needs to be replaced. Look for a product that is made from high-quality materials. Also look for a warranty so you can get your money back if the product gets damaged.

Ease of Use: The product should be easy to assemble and disassemble. The instructions should be easy to understand and follow. If there are too many complicated steps, your child will not use the product. This will be bad for the parent-child bonding.

Educational Value: The last thing you should consider while buying a kitchen set is how educational it is. Does it help your child to learn something new or something he/she already knows? Does it provide your child with a great learning experience? You can easily check all these things by looking at the product description and the user guide provided online or in the package. These guides will give you all the details you need to know about the product, its features and how it works. 


These are just 10 of the best pretend play kitchens available in the market. Hopefully, this list will give you enough ideas to get you started. If you know of any other great products, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

Do you have any other tips on how we can make our kids’ childhoods more fun? We would love to hear from you.

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