Maple Pro Max: Ultimate Canopy Trike for Kids 2-5 (Green)

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Ready to give your little one the ultimate ride? Elevate their outdoor adventures with the Toyzoy Maple Pro Max Kids Trike! Provide comfort, safety, and endless fun with its convertible design, foldable canopy for UV protection, and secure seat featuring safety belts. Get them cruising with style and ease using the chrome-finished Plug & Play Wheels, perfect for indoor use too. Give them the joy of independence while you guide the way with the adjustable push bar. Don’t miss out—bring home this safe, stylish, and versatile trike for ages 18 months to 5 years today!


Toyzoy Maple Pro Max Kids Trike – the Ultimate Ride for Your Little One!

Designed for comfort and safety, this trike boasts a footrest perfect for shorter babies, ensuring a cozy seat that can easily transform from a tricycle to a simple ride.

Shield your child from harsh UV rays with its foldable canopy, providing ample protection while they enjoy the ride. The Plug & Play Wheels, with their chrome finishing, not only captivate both kids and parents but also make indoor use a breeze.

Featuring a cushioned seat secured by a front bar and 2-point safety belts, your baby rides in utmost security and comfort. Plus, the stylish push bar allows you to control direction effortlessly while your child revels in the joy of independence, making it suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years.

Elevate your child’s riding experience with the Toyzoy Maple Pro Max Kids Trike – where safety, comfort, and style meet for an unforgettable adventure!


  • Foldable canopy tricycle for kids 2-5
  • Convertible footrest tricycle for toddlers
  • Chrome finish plug & play wheels for indoor use
  • Secured seat with front bar and safety belts
  • Adjustable push bar for directional control
  • UV protection canopy trike for babies
  • Comfortable cushioned seat for toddlers
  • Parent-guided trike for 18 months to 5 years
  • Safe and stylish kids' tricycle with canopy
  • Convertible baby trike with removable footrest


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